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Radisson 1 First RHCA in Turkey Red Hat Guilford 2 Event 3

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Perception's open enrollment courses are delivered in Turkish but we may also deliver courses in different languages. 

For the schedule of courses we run in Turkish, please visit our relevant web page.

We are able to open the following courses & exams provided there are enough delegates: 


Code Course Name Days
RH354 RHEL8 New Features for Administrators 3
RH124 Red Hat System Administration I 5
RH134 Red Hat System Administration II 4
RH294 Red Hat System Administration III 4
RH342 Red Hat Linux Diagnostics & Troubleshooting 4
DO447 Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices 4
RH318 Red Hat Virtualization 4
RH415 Red Hat Security: Linux in Physical, Virtual and Cloud 4
RH442 Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning 4
RH403 Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration 4
RH436 Red Hat High Availability Clustering 4
CL110 Red Hat Openstack Administration I 5
DO180 Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift 3
DO280 Red Hat OpenShift Administration I 3
RH362 Red Hat Security: Identity Management and Active Directory Integration 4